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KB has been thinking for sometime on the word PRIDE to a Pranic Healer, student of Theosophy and a Light worker or Rainbow warrior, the word PRIDE is like a hurdle on the path towards spiritual development.

According to GMCKS, Pride is the last thing to go, – even an Arhat may find it difficult to shake it off! It is so tenacious, so integral a part of ones being! But one has to give up pride and inverted pride in order to evolve as a soul. Tough job. The dangerous part is, one is not even always aware that one is becoming proud. It gets so confusing. One so easily mistakes it for newly acquired self – confidence; or newly acquired knowledge which gives superiority in a group; strong will power and consequently stronger personality; or a better knowledge of what is right and wrong. No wonder pride can be insidious. How can one get rid of pride if one cannot identify it oneself?

There are some typical signs like, smugness; a very opinionated attitude; tendency to pass judgement on other people; tendency to show off knowledge (however badly digested); and other such attitudinal and behavioral symptoms.
Now in order to spot these symptoms in oneself, one has to closely and unbiasedly observe ones own behavior. Another tough job!
KB started taking baby steps towards solving the problem by going letter by letter –

P – Promise to Perseverance
R – Readiness to re – assess oneself
I – Incarnated self vs. others
D – Determination to be detached
E – Esteem for others

Surprisingly the steps towards solution to the problem is encoded in the word itself!

P – Promise to Persevere:
Admittedly it is not one – day job. It takes time to undergo any change of habit or character. So let us promise ourselves that we will persevere – every moment, every day – to try and get rid of pride. It can only be done by being alert and aware ALWAYS.

R – Readiness to reassess oneself:
It is human nature to be judgmental about others rather about ones own self. Light workers or Rainbow Warriors are different. They critically observe their own behavior and take corrective measures wherever necessary. This continuous process of reassuring oneself is the right attitude towards same evolution.

I – Incarnated self vs. others:
The incarnated self tends to adopt a separatist attitude i.e. I vs. the others. The incarnated self compares the “self” with others and wherever there is an indication of superiority for one’s own self, pride sets in. a human being in general compares his own performance or achievement to those of others and decides on success of failure accordingly. A true Light worker or Rainbow warrior compares his/her performance of today to that of his/her performance yesterday and accordingly decides on his/her souls progress or regress. In short, the incarnated self is his/her own yardstick – not any one else.

D – Determination to be de – attached:
The above can only be possible, when one is determined to observe one’s own self in a de – attached manner and not tend to justify one’s own actions. Justification comes to a human being naturally. Only a true Light worker or Rainbow warrior likes to find out the motivation behind ones speech or action. Yes it needs guts to accept TRUTH. It tends to reveal unpleasant side of ones own character.

E – Esteem for others:
Pride tends to look down upon others. It is always a comparative judgement – I am bigger that others – i.e. others are small compared to me. This tendency to think others are less, is the stone of all kinds of pride (physical, financial, intellectual, spiritual, etc.) Contrary to this, holding the other person in esteem, has sobering effect on a human being. And the practice consistently done, teaches us what GMCKS asks us to inculcate in ourselves – Healthy self esteem and proper humility.

Easier said than done KB has miles to go on this path. Same for many of us.


This article also appeared in PranaWorld.net’s guest section. You can read it on this link here.[Opens in new tab]

Ever realized that we are all completely made of borrowed stuff? That there is nothing that we can call our own? Not even our Soul! Ponder on this:

Our physical bodies are provided form by our parents. Each cell, each atom, each drop of blood in the physical body is “borrowed” from the parents.

They in their turn, “borrowed” it from our grandparents. They story thus goes backwards right upto grandmother Eve who the scripture tells us, was created by a rib borrowed from Adam.

Adam in his turn was created by God who took the materials for his body from the five elements!

The etheric or bioplasmic body is an integral part of the “borrowed” physical body anyway.

The Emotional body is also equally “borrowed” in the sense our emotions are all conditioned by the seniors of our families, social background and our respective cultures. Responses to grief for example, differs from culture to culture. When a loved ones dies, we cry. In some other culture, they make joyous celebration, as the soul is now returning Home!

The Mental body is formed on “borrowed” concepts value systems and other such ideas which are taught to us from childhood by parents, teachers, peer groups and the books we read. Our exposure to the thoughts of scientist, philosophers, economists, spiritual leaders, artists, writers etc. further form our ideas and thoughts. No way can a human being avoid the influence of socio–cultural conditioning of his time.

Neither is our Soul! Theosophy tells us our souls are sparks of Divine Energy. So both our incarnated and Higher Souls are “borrowed” from God. The only thing we can be sure of is that we and God are one!

Does it not, therefore, logically follow that, if we are all made of “borrowed stuff” where is any reason for being proud? Because pride stems from the concept of I, ME, MINE – a concept which has no basis in truth. There is NOTHING CALLED MINE in our entire get up. Right?

It also logically follows that if we are parts of God, then our perspective of life should automatically be the same as God’s perspective of life – i.e. loving kindness, compassion, de–attachment and impartiality – all finally culminating in the concept of oneness with all.

Aren’t these the qualities we are supposed to cultivate in order to evolve as souls and be ultimately God like in the end? Think about it while reading the SOHAM poster next time.

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